Tribal Mix is a technology firm specialized in interactive experiences driven by video, mobile platforms and modern cloud-based architectures.


El Jale Chicano

In Mexico we have a name for the quick fix that will always be the first attempt to repair that old machine, regardless of our lack of knowledge or expertise. “El Jale Chicano” is an institution among people that may not have had any engineering studies or proper training, but are not shy about showcasing [...]


Movement Tracker

Here are a few more details about the gadget we designed for the Bikes in Motion project. While it is still a prototype build with off-the-shelf components and not yet optimized for production, we have been using it for testing on the street. When activated, it is capable of measuring acceleration and orientation, generating a [...]


Bikes in Motion

To continue the conversation about DIY Urbanism, here is a concrete project that we believe fits nicely into this trend and is within our reach.   We call it “Bikes in Motion“. Common wisdom among urban planners is that enabling a larger proportion of the population to rely on cycling to find their way across [...]


DIY urbanism

At the confluence of cloud computing, the Internet of Things, personal fabrication technologies and urbanism there is a fascinating new trend that we’ve been observing coming from urban centres around the world: cities are being transformed one neighbourhood at a time by resourceful citizens that are taking advantage of techniques that range from 3D printing [...]


on global citizens and avatars

A global citizen is not the one that travels the globe rushing from one destination to the next at the furious pace its business demand, but the one that roams the roads of a city or the world open to the opportunities that serendipity will bring, architecting with each moment a fulfilling life devoted to [...]